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AJ Guitar classes was the perfect combination of learning, having fun and inspiration.

Few things that are different about my experience with Abhijeet sir in AJ Guitar classes – He knows that everyone is different and he has so many ways of explaining the same thing until the light bulb in my head ‘turns on’. He always had plenty to teach me but most importantly he also encouraged me to tell him what I wanted to learn.

He also encouraged his students to enjoy the learning process of not knowing how to hold a guitar to play a few songs. My journey was only possible because of him. AJ Guitar classes is hands down the best learning experience and memory I have ever had.

Teachers like Abhijeet sir are incredibly rare – I am thrilled to be one of his students.



I joined AJ Guitar Classes in 2017 and I can say it was one of the best decisions of my life. I had a lot of problems when I started, sir helped me through all this and added a new talent to my life.

He taught me a lot of great songs, but he focused more on how I played. Through many finger exercises, I was able to play without really hurting my fingers. I fell in love with the guitar and it had a lot to do with how my teacher taught me.

I’m forever indebted to AJ Sir



I joined aj guitar classes in 2015. I had one of my best times here.

He knows how to handle the pupil, supper friendly. I can assure you that you will have quality time joining in.


Raghav agarwal1

Abhijeet sir has been a great tutor. I learned under him for more than a year. His way of teaching is really amazing. I am glad that I joined AJ Guitar Classes. He has been amazing and I wish I could continue learning under him.



I took lessons with AJ guitar classes, so I could have a few more tools to add to my style and he helped me accomplish that.

No matter what skill you’re at, he will take you to the next level. I want to thank you for teaching me how to play guitar.

You are a wonderful teacher and I really enjoyed every lesson I took! 😊



I think it’s really important to get involved in some extracurricular activities along with our studies.

 AJ Guitar Classes gave me the chance to fulfill one of my wishes on my wish list. I am so grateful to AJ Sir for sharing his precious time and expertise.

I could say that he’s one of the best because he becomes a really good friend before becoming a teacher. This makes a student enjoy music, and a person learns music only if he / she enjoys it.



I joined AJ guitar classes through a friend’s reference.

While most of his students were college students, I felt that I won’t be able to fit in that group due to my age, but I’m glad I was proved wrong, It was a friendly atmosphere.

I am a person who is very interested in getting to the core of things and I am thankful that these lessons equipped me with the correct technical knowledge, starting from the very basics.

After attending these classes I’m confident that with enough practice, I can become the guitarist I want to be.

Thank you Abhjieet Sir.



The best ever tutor for me!

From getting lessons in front
of a stage, jamming together to doing gigs, it was really quite a journey.
Thank you AJ for giving me beautiful lessons and keep inspiring me and others. 

Love you.



It was 2015 when I joined AJ Guitar classes. It’s always been fun, yet worth learning around Abhijeet Bhaiya.

It was your patience with us which helped us grow. Your teaching style is very easy for any beginner to grasp. Thank you for putting so much effort into us. You never gave up on us, even though we did a few times.

 You are one of my favorite mentors. Love and Best Wishes for your journey further



Great Teacher and teaches with Precision!

He is not the one who rushes through lessons, he really takes it slow and focuses on understands his students.

When I met AJ, I was a complete beginner and hardly held a guitar before. Being the very first student I have seen him through all these years and his level of enthusiasm to teach his students remains the same.

Thank you for all the effort and time that you invested in us.



As an absolute beginner, I thoroughly enjoyed those Guitar Classes. It was really challenging for me in the beginning, but the instructor Mr. Abhijeet Prasad did a phenomenal job at explaining everything!

Thank you so much Abhijeet sir for being my music teacher. I will never forget you and your lessons.



I am really fortunate to
be a part of AJ Guitar Classes.

Abhijeet sir created an
environment where everyone can learn from each other. It helped me to get rid
of my hesitation and enter the world of music.

The best part was the class
environment, which was based on learning with fun so that anyone can easily
develop their skills in their own unique way.

sai swarup

Sid bro1

I had my Guitar Classes with Abhijeet who is simply awesome.

He is not only my tutor, he’s also a friend and my younger brother. An awesome human being and very good from the heart, love u bro.

siddharth singhania


I tried playing guitar by myself watching YouTube videos but it couldn’t happen.

But once  I joined Abhijeet sir’s classes, learning guitar became easy.



AJ guitar classes gave me a new way to express myself.

I always wanted to learn something about musical instruments but didn’t know how to do it. Finally, I got to know about AJ Guitar classes and it has been a roller coaster journey since then.

With a unique teaching style and a blend of music theory plus techniques, playing guitar became a lot more fun and I finally fell in love with it.



I joined AJ Guitar classes in 2014, I was an absolute beginner and knew nothing about the guitar or how to play it.

I now feel that I have a good understanding and a strong foundation on guitar because of Abhijeet Bhaiya. He really makes the lessons interesting and easy to learn.

Thank you for this wonderful course!🙂